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What To Expect

Join Jen Marie Cliff in-person or remotely starting April 2021. The WellNest Studio will open its doors to the public and its members to provide a variety of classes.

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What is a Sacred Circle?

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Who is my facilitator?

Jen Marie Cliff | RN, BSN, RMT

Jen Marie Cliff (JMC) desires to bridge science and spirituality to support moms locally and globally by creating unique experiences related to self-care, specifically stress and anxiety reduction. JMC encourages you to have a deep understanding of yourself, a deep connection with the Universe, and come away empowered because many feel frustrated, lost, and confused during a time of much unknown. She believes, 

"If you strengthen the mom, you strengthen the family, which then ripples out to the community."

In other words, if you prioritize self-care daily and consistently, this builds resiliency. Meaning, you can adapt to stressful situations with grace and gumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is for any woman ages 18+.

Is this a coaching program or support group?

No. Circle is not here to coach, advise, or rescue participants. The facilitator and the group are here to witness one another's life journey. Together, we build ourselves up by creating a sacred and safe space to share stories, lessons, and when appropriate, laughter. Circle is here to strengthen the individual, let them see their own potential, and solve their challenges within themselves by creating a safe container.

What are the requirements?

There are no requirements. Just come as yourself and be willing to follow the Agreements:

  • Confidentiality - What is shared during Circle, stays with Circle. At times, there will be intimate information shared among the group. To maintain safety and honor everyone's life journey, the facilitator asks at the beginning of every Circle to keep all information confidential.
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Nurse, Healer, Intuitive Coach, Artist

Advocate for Self-Care &

Spirituality, and Intuitive Development

Jen is a multi-passionate mompreneur who loves to help women "shine within." She believes in living and leading with the heart (versus the mind) through energetic healing, intuitive development, holistic self-care, and creative expression.

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