Let This Year Be



Welcome in 2020 with confidence and reassurance! This FREE 76-page Planner Packet is designed for the wild spirit at heart; the seekers, go-getters, world-changers, lightworkers, care-takers, and the divine feminine within us all. 


You have BIG dreams and many goals to make those come true. This Planner will assist in that process.


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Jen, carefully laid out this packet in two main sections. The first section is a workbook to get you to review this past year and how to plan ahead for the upcoming year.​ The second section was digitally created which includes various calendars and charts. 

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Everything You Need

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    • PDF file to download with web links

    • PNG to edit the original version [NEW]

  • Personal Message from Jen Marie Cliff

    • Why she created the Packet​

  • Clear directions for each section

  • An Outline

  • Empowering Quotes 

  • WORKBOOK SECTION [pages 7 - 30]

    • Review life dynamics and health holistically

    • Set goals: personal and professional 

    • Plan steps to make it happen

    • Set accountability days

    • Suggestions to simplify, batch and delegate tasks 

    • Join the Community FB GROUP

  • FILL-IN SECTION [pages 31 - 75]

    • Intro's for each subsection

      • A personal note from Jen

      • Recommended ideas

      • Tips

    • Blank Monthly, weekly, & daily calendars

    • Business Big Goals, Big Dreams format sheet

    • Top 3 goals, How to Make Money and How to grow my business 

    • Formats related to the Workbook section

    • Visually see Goals and Tasks to lessen the overwhelm 

    • My Daily Project Planner

    • Self-care routine

    • Meal plan and grocery list 

    • Family schedules

    • House chores 

    • Pets-House companions

Who This is For
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This is for the hardworking women who bravely seek more without shame, guilt, or hesitation. It's okay to dream big, ignite the inner flame, and set on your path for success. This is for the women who want more than a chaotic routine but an actual system for success. Remember, this Planner is to assist but it will only go so far. Dreams only happen when you take action.

This Planner is for:

  • Mom(preneurs) - Moms with ambition

  • Lightworkers - Heart-driven Women who help others

  • World Changers - Those who desire positive changes for Mother Earth and all its Inhabitants

  • Adventurers - Charting unknown waters with curiosity and fearlessness.






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