Female Friends

Sacred Circle


Connect on a deep level with yourself and with your circle of women.


Women Circles are forming everywhere. It's time to gather and empower one another. You no longer have to feel alone in your life path, this is a choice. Join us for an intimate experience where the bonds of friendship are sealed and forever maintained. 

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What is Sacred Circle?

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A place of healing and transformation where women gather to form a special bond. With the powers of Circle, Sisterhood, and Feminine Leadership we witness and support our life journey together. We relearn how to use our voice, support, celebrate, and co-create together. We each matter, and we each have something to offer.

We will work together to move forward.

  • Collaborate not compete

  • Love not hate

  • Trust not distrust

  • Harmony not chaos 

  • Balance of feminine and masculine energies not an imbalance

  • Community not division

What To Expect

Join Jen Marie Cliff in-person starting April 2021 at The WellNest Studio located upstairs at 16 West Church Ave SW, downtown Roanoke, Virginia.

Jen will take you on a 12-week experience called, "Sacred Circle." Here are some important things to know:

  • Women only - Jen invites women to share and witness our life journeys. In order for women to feel comfortable, vulnerable, and authentic, we ask for this particular niche. Thank you for understanding.

  • Weekly Gatherings for 12 Weeks

  • Added FREE Bonuses! ($144 value)

  • Spots are LIMITED

  • In-person only - if you feel that you are not ready to attend in-person events please wait and let someone else have a spot. We honor your decision and look forward to it when you are ready. 

  • DISCLAIMER - Masks will not be required. JMC Healing & Wellness Academy [Reiki Pathways, LLC.] will not be held legally liable for your decisions or actions relating to your health and wellness. If you have any concerns please seek a licensed medical professional.

  • Resources and Recommendations - there will be a table with local and international practitioners who specialize in certain modalities and therapies.

The Benefits

of Attending CIRCLE



At the beginning of each Circle, Jen holds a safe and sacred space. She teaches you simple techniques that you can take home and use for your daily practice.



In Circle, you learn to come as you are - whether that's a hot mess or not! You can be vulnerable and strip away the facade while going deep within.



We have become a dependent community without building resiliency within ourselves. And we don't leave room for much self-reflection, especially during difficult times. During Circle, we celebrate, support, and navigate together.


*Professional resources will be available.* 



This program is for women only, with limited spots available. The purpose for this is to empower the divine feminine energy within and to let that spread even after Circle. A private social media group will also be offered to continue communication.



By signing up with this exclusive experience, you'll receive a self-care kit custom-made by Jen.

In addition, there'll be an optional surprise field trip at the end of the program!