Stress & Anxiety Reduction for Moms

Stress is within and all around us. The goal of this workshop is to teach women how to rapidly decrease their stress to improve their health & wellness.

Lifetime Learning



The Stress & Anxiety Reduction Workshop could change over time. Please refer to the updated description below before attending a workshop. Thank you for understanding.



Jen will provide the updated information on the event page within this website or Facebook event page. It could vary from her home or a local business in partnership with the event. It also depends on attendance.






You will sign in, pay, and get comfortable before the workshop begins. This depends on the attendance and learning curve of the group. It will range up to 5 hours. Please plan accordingly. Break times will vary and will be as needed.

  • Arrive and sign in

  • Payment method

  • Cleanse the space and students with a short exercise

  • Introductions/Fill Out Self-Assessment

  • Meditation and Opening Ceremony

  • Start Lecture with a Slideshow

  • Various Stress Reduction Activities

  • Question and Answer time

  • Closing Ceremony & Networking


What you can bring is optional and not required:

  • Smart, iPad, or/and laptop

    • You will get a Downloadable Workbook

  • Pillow

  • Blanket

  • Water bottle

  • Meals/Snacks for yourself and/or the whole group

  • Reflection Journal

  • Pen and Notepad

  • Wear casual and comfortable clothes

  • Immobile baby 

    • Jen has a pack-n-play with an attached bassinet​

    • Diaper changing station

      • *Please bring your own diapers, wipes, extra baby clothing*


Here is what you will get:

  • Pen

  • Notepad

  • Downloadable Workbook

  • List of Resources

  • Pillow

  • Blanket

  • You will have the options to sit on the couch, chair, or floor

    • If you have physical limitations there will be options to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible

      • If you have any concerns please contact Jen ahead of time and get a doctor's approval​

  • Water, hot tea, and snacks


There will be break times as needed, especially moms who are pumping or breastfeeding! Mealtime could be 30-60 minutes.


*PLEASE note at least 48 hours in advance of any allergies or dislikes of certain foods/substances including pet allergies. 


You will be sitting through periods of lecture, moving or laying down during various activities.

Wear what is comfortable including and in layers: 

  • Yoga pants or leggings

  • Long or/and short T-shirt 

  • Sweater

*You will be FULLY CLOTHED for the entire workshop. Please do not wear anything that reveals private areas including the breast, buttocks or genitals.*



Pricing and attendance policy could change over time. Please refer to the updated description below before attending a workshop. Thank you for understanding.



Please confirm your placement no later than 48 hours before the day of the event.*


It must be taken on the day of the workshop or ahead of time. Jen accepts credit card, cash, or checks.*


All the links will lead to the same website. Scroll below and choose which date you want to attend. Payment is not required prior to attending but will need to be paid in full upon arrival of the workshop day. Thank you for understanding.


Prices could change any time.

A small fee for a LIFETIME of healing within and around your environment.

Per person




Prices could change any time.

Have any friends? Bring at least 3 friends, and EACH will be charged the group rate.

Per person


Questions or Concerns?


DISCLAIMER: Jen does not claim that these stress and reduction techniques cure spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional illness or diseases. If you have an acute or chronic medical condition please seek a medical professional who will approve integrative and alternative methods before attending a workshop. Jen is not responsible for any side effects or consequences during or after a workshop.

Nurse, Healer, Intuitive Coach, Artist

Advocate for Self-Care &

Spirituality, and Intuitive Development

Jen is a multi-passionate mompreneur who loves to help women "shine within." She believes in living and leading with the heart (versus the mind) through energetic healing, intuitive development, holistic self-care, and creative expression.

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