My session with Jen was extremely beneficial as she was able to tap into my energy, pinpointing exactly what I’ve been dealing with in my life recently, as well as past-life & childhood traumas that have created energetic blockages for me. Among several different energetic healing practices that were performed during our session, she did something that I’ve known to be called a “cord-cutting ceremony” where we intentionally severed and released those stagnant energies into the higher realms to be transmuted back into love. During the passive phase of our session, as I was lying down, she was performing reiki and guiding me through a grounding practice using breathwork and connecting with the energies of the Earth and Sun. I began seeing dancing lights in my 3rd eye view, rich blue and rainbow orbs morphing, splitting in two, and back together in a vortex swirl. My experience was beautiful and since my session, I’ve been more grounded and have felt more strength in my own energy and more freedom in my creativity. I would highly recommend connecting with Jen and seeing how you can improve your quality of life through her holistic healing services!

Image by Camille Brodard

She is an amazing person. she was able to highlight issues, really connect with my suffering and created a lasting peace and calm in my spirit. i am just blown away by my session. she is a wonderful healer and it has truly helped my mindset in unimaginable ways!! cannot recommend her enough!

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- Amber Jefferson

Roanoke, Virginia

I had an extraordinary experience with Jen during our Vision Quests. I'm still me...but I feel that I know myself better...on a deeper level. I've always known that our minds, and thoughts are extremely powerful. These spiritual-led Vision Quests instilled this knowledge even more.

Jen's voice was very calming while leading us. She used descriptive words that evoked loving power with guidance. Jen used her handmade drum, that she made herself. The acoustics in the room were absolutely perfect...her drumming was *enchanting*. You could feel the drum vibrate through your body at times.

After completing our journeys I have left with mental tools, and techniques that help overcome anxiety, and stress. As well as a deeper spiritual understanding of myself, Angels, and our world. Jen is magic... Vision Quests are a life-changing experience that I highly recommend!

Tracey Kinsey,

Wildflower Gem Designs

Roanoke, Virginia

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Pampas Grass

"I just wanted to say thank you! Usually on Saturdays, I feel drained. But I felt really good yesterday and had much more energy. Pretty sure the Reiki was what helped. Thank you so much for hosting the circle!"

- Christine, Plassmann

Roanoke, Virginia