Holistic Self-Care & Heart-Centered Living

This life is beautiful and precious. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Though you may have challenges along your path, you choose to remain strong and grounded in your purpose. You choose to live a life of joy, balance, and love by respecting yourself, others, and the earth because this is our home.

-Jen Marie Cliff, RN, BSN, RMT

Hello Beautiful,


I’m so honored to get to know you. This Guide provides information to lessen the overwhelm, ease the concerns, answer the common questions, and navigates your journey through my holistic business.


My goal is to not only get to know you on an emotional level, but also physical, mental, and spiritual level. This holistic approach gives me an advantage because not all practitioners do this. 

I believe in a multi-faceted approach to bring forth the best outcome during a session. Some clients only need one session while most will need a handful or more.


It all depends on your motivation for balance, readiness to heal, and your open-mindedness to learn from alternative and complementary methods, like energy medicine. 


So my dear, are you ready to expand your experiences, open your heart, and embrace a new way of perceiving yourself? I truly look forward to our session. 

With Love & Light, 



*Don’t get overwhelmed by the information. I like to be thorough. The most important part to read is the GOOD TO KNOW section. Then you can book your session. You'll get an automated email with a link to fill out the Preference Form which customizes your experience. You can also go back and read the extra stuff later.*


What is a holistic business? 


Holistic practice embodies wholeness. It is the perspective that everything in our lives is all interwoven. Everything we do affects our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  

My Big Why

My lifetime goal is to become a global brand. I truly believe in holistic preventative self-care and natural healing methods. This idea is so essential to our well-being and it will place a positive impact on moms and their families.

My Mission