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Medicine Place Meditation

The Medicine Place (or Sacred Place) is part of who you are spiritually. It's a place of safety, peace, healing, and the bridge to other worlds.

Jen takes you to this place to establish the basics before advancing towards what she calls Shamanic Journeying - an ancient and practical technique that bridge with other dimensions and Spirit Guides.

Open your mind and heart to new experiences. Your own Guides are patiently waiting to answer your questions. But first, get to know your Medicine Place.


  • A quick and simple grounding technique

  • How to get to your Medicine Place

  • Why it's important to establish the basics before advancing on

  • How this type of meditation can potentially empower your life

After Listening. WHAT NOW?

Jen is creating a Shamanic Journeying Digital Series! This is great for those who don't feel comfortable coming to an in-person studio class. You will be able to listen to this series any where.

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