REIKI Certifications

Learn about the gentle healing energy of Reiki. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy force drawn from the Universe.

Reiki is not a religion but a way of life.

Reiki is forever.

The main purpose is to balance the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

A gentle therapeutic practice that can be applied to all aspects of life; at home, work, relationships, pets, plants, and among people.

Once attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) the student has access to the energy for a lifetime.

Holistic Practice


Holistic practice embodies wholeness. It is the perspective that everything in our lives is all interwoven.


Reiki practice incorporates this as a way of life. Everything we do affects our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

So many of us want to be happy, healthy, and live with financial freedom. Believe it or not, Reiki can do it all.


Student Benefits


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Continual Education

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Continual Support - Community

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  • Reiki Healing - Never goes away

Downloadable Documents

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Reiki Benefits



  • Once a student is attuned they can attend JMC Reiki circles where they continue to practice, network, and make friends!

Easy to learn

  • Reiki is not a complex system. Students learn the principles, ethics, history, hand placements and sacred symbols.

Non-touch healing

  • Everything is energy. Providers are not required to touch clients to apply Reiki therapy. Hands are place just above the body.

Distant or Remote healing

  • Likewise from above, Reiki can be sent from a distance through time and space. It's about intention and where it's being sent.


  • Once a student is attuned, they have it for a lifetime whether if they choose to use it or not.

No tools required

  • In a formal setting, the provider will have a table, sheets, and a pillow. But overall, the provider just needs their hands.

Integrative and complementary

  • This is one of the best healing practices to add to any health and wellness skill.

Instant Relaxation

  • Generally, the energy immediately lowers the heart rate, decreases blood pressure, and reduces respirations.

All Knowing Lifeforce

  • The more you practice Reiki the more you understand that Reiki does the healing and the student is a channel.


  • No matter where a student is in the world, Reiki works. Use it in all aspects of life, personally and/or professionally.

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Reiki Circles

FREE EXPERIENCE - Limited Series!


JMC Reiki Circles

For a limited time, JMC Healing & Wellness Academy will offer FREE mini-sessions for the public. Reiki Practitioners of all levels are encouraged to join!

REGISTER & Click on the dates below:

Monthly Dates - COMING SOON!



You are more than welcome to show up early at 3 pm to the studio space and promote to your niche to come at that time.


Please be mindful and quiet as I may have a client in the office until 4 pm.


Thank you for your consideration.


the teach will appear


jen marie cliff | RN, BSN, RMT

the master teacher

Jen is a multi-passionate mompreneur who loves to help women "shine within." She believes in living and leading with the heart (versus the mind) through energetic healing, intuitive development, holistic self-care, and creative expression.


Jen resides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke, Virginia. She lives with her loving husband, baby boy, and four crazy cats.


Her nursing experience ranges from Resource Pool to Neurotrauma ICU, and Hospice Home Health.


This taught Jen a lot about vulnerability in times of trauma, chaos, and tragedy. During her time in the critical care unit, she volunteered free Reiki sessions for her colleagues. It was during this period when she realized how much she loved gentle healing to the human spirit.

Dearest Potential Student,


Know that I'm honored by your interest in the healing arts. I've found Reiki to be one of the gentlest, most relaxing, and easiest techniques to learn. I've seen the most doubtful onlookers became the biggest fans. And I've seen profound shifts of inner turmoil to inner peace within my private healing sessions.


Thank you for giving Reiki a chance. Please look over everything carefully. I believe in full transparency and making sure you have an informed decision.


For any group rates, please email me at


I look forward to getting to know you.


With Love & Light,



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we have answers


Frequently asked questions

Reiki Circles

What is a Reiki Circle?

All levels of Reiki Practitioners are welcome to join and provide FREE mini-sessions for the public. Reiki is a gentle healing energy delivered by the hands for stress and anxiety reduction. Reiki can be given via light-touch, non-touch, and distantly. REGISTER HERE (scroll down to the Reiki Circle section):

Reiki Certification Courses

What is the agenda or schedule of the day(s)?

Each Level or Degree Course will have it's own agenda laid out in each event or service description.

How many students will be there?

Ideally, the minimal attendance should be 4 and maximum up to 20.

What should I bring?

  • Wear comfortable clothing that covers all private areas
  • Water bottle, pillow, yoga mat, snacks

Is there anything else I should know?

Please fully read the Reiki Certification page and specific event and/or service page before contacting Jen with any questions. Most likely, you'll find your anwers.

  • Practice with other local students
  • Q&A with Jen | Reiki Master Teacher
  • Light meal, snacks, and drinks included
  • Manual included

"I just wanted to say thank you! Usually on Saturdays, I feel drained. But I felt really good yesterday and had much more energy. Pretty sure the Reiki was what helped. Thank you so much for hosting the circle!"

- Christine, Plassmann

Roanoke, Virginia