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Pre-Session Info & Questionnaire

Customize your experience.

MENTORING - Every session will start with ‘small talk,’ but it’s the client’s preference of how much to discuss and what about. This section has two main areas of focus if the client desires: Life Coaching  & Spiritual Mentoring. If neither sounds appealing, then just answer ‘NO.’


*NOTE: Jen does not provide counseling services in terms of therapy. For example, a psychologist or psychiatrist. She will recommend these services if needed. If the client is already seeking counseling, that’s wonderful. Her sessions will be a great supplement.*

Life Coach: A coach is great if you need guidance in strategies and realistic goal setting. The coach’s responsibilities include:

  • One-on-one sessions to discuss needs & goals

  • Develop strategies and action plans

  • Keep records of client’s progress

  • Continue to evaluate client over a period of time

  • Adjust client’s goals as needed


Spiritual Mentoring: A mentor is wonderful if you’re looking for alternative perspectives and answers. This can vary from intuitive knowing to channeling the high vibrational Spiritual realms.

HEALING - There are three main areas of focus to provide a healing session: energy medicine & healing, atmosphere, and tools. Selecting a combination of all three will be the greatest benefit for the client.


Energy medicine and healing works on the non-physical level. The energetic body includes the person’s auras, chakras, and meridians. Like the physical body, the energetic body needs to flow with balance. Unfortunately, given the (chronic) stress of trauma, disease & illness, work life, and home environment most people are blocked on various levels causing an imbalance and energetic blockage. While a few clients only need one session, most need at least a handful for realignment. As the energetic body shifts back into balance the physical body is positively affected.




LEARNING - Lifetime learning is essential to change and self-growth. Jen will provide basic and practical technqiues during the session or via email post session to bring home with you. Keep in mind what you may be interested in the near future including online learning courses and in-person workshops. Let Jen know after the session. Some ideas include:


  • In-Session/Online Courses: Energy Medicine & Techniques

  • First Degree

  • Second Degree

  • Master Teacher/Practitioner

  • Grounding, Energizing, & Breathing Techniques

  • Muscle Testing & Dowsing (unsure)

  • Cleansing/Clearing/Protecting Your Energetic Body - Auras, Chakras, Meridians

  • Reiki

  • In-Session/Online Courses: Empaths - How to protect, cleanse, and clear yourself from the overwhelm of (other people’s) energies and emotions

  • In-Session/Online Courses: Meditation & Journeying

  • In-Session/Online Courses: Banishing Entities, Lower Vibrations, Energetic Around Property & Loved Ones

  • In-Session/Online Courses: Divine Assistance - Working with Your Spiritual Team

  • Workshop: Heart’s Desire - Your Life’s Purpose

  • Workshop: Divine Feminine - Awakening Your Natural Super Powers

  • Workshop: How to Start a Sustainable and Affordable Family Garden

Are you interested in a Life Coach?
Are you interested in Spiritual Mentoring?
Are you interested in an oracle card reading?
Are you interested in Energy Medicine & Healing?
Are you able to walk downstairs with a railing?
What kind of atmosphere do you prefer? Even if you’re not interested in energy medicine setting up the room would still be a great benefit. [Choose one or more.]
Do any of these tools intrigue or interest you? Even if you’re not interested in energy medicine some of these tools could bring clarity and relaxation. [Choose one or more.]

Thanks for submitting!

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