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Code of Ethics

Updated: May 17, 2022

Now, more than ever, people are sensing deep curiosity about themselves, their life’s purpose, and what lies beyond the physical reality, known as non-reality.

A six sensory practitioner uses their intuitive abilities to serve mankind. A professional follows a Code of Ethics to honor and respect each individual‘s life journey without being intrusive. The purpose for a six sensory practitioner is being a messenger; a bridge between between the Spirit realm. The goal is to remain neutral, non-bias, nonjudgmental, and “hallow bone.” 

The following is a Code of Ethics I abide while I work with clients either during an Intuitive Card Readings and/or Holistic Healing:

  1. I will serve the best interests of my client at all times, conducting my professional activities with integrity, honestly, full of disclosure of my abilities and limitations, with intent to support and empower my client in every way without causing harm to the client in any way.

  2. I will treat all clients with absolute respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age or personal preferences.

  3. I will represent my six sensory abilities and qualifications honestly, including educational credentials and certifications, and make clear in advance all charges and services expected and rendered before the reading with all parties in agreement.

  4. I will keep confidential the names of clients and all information shared or discussed during readings and will not divulge that information to anyone other than the client.

  5. I will recommend my clients to appropriate consultants, including legal, financial, medical or psychological advisors to provide assistance that I am not able or qualified to provide, and I will refer my clients to appropriate consultants without bias or personal agenda of any sort.

  6. I will respect my client’s right to terminate their reading at any time if they are uncomfortable. 

  7. I will not use my time as a professional practitioner as a platform to promote personal agendas.

  8. I will completely release the information shared or discussed with the client from my mind once the reading is over and not access or discussed that information with the client or anyone again unless the client asks me to do so.

  9. I will refrain from interjecting any personal opinion or bias on the client’s life experience or choices into the reading.

  10. I will not judge the client, or malign the client in any way based on their life challenges and choices.

  11. I have the right to terminate the reading if the client does not respect me as the reader in any way as well.

  12. I commit to serve, love, and support and empower my clients in every way, to witness their life’s journey as sacred and to respect their ability to personally direct their lives.

  13. I will not arrange or agree to personal social, emotional, or sexual contact with a client within a year of our meeting, and only then if my role as a professional reader, practitioner is no longer in place and all parties agree to that understanding. 

  14. I will conduct my practice as a six sensory practitioner with high intention, dignity, grace, and safety with an understanding  and awareness that my behavior reflects upon the reputation of all six sensory practitioners worldwide, and as such will do everything in my power to elevate the respect and appreciation for soul work in all whom I meet.



Jen is offering 1-1 sessions including Holistic Healing and Intuitive Card Reading. You can book online here. She looks forward to connecting with you.


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