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What To Expect From An Intuitive Card Reading

Updated: May 17, 2022

When it comes down to any kind of six sensory work, it’s all about intention. Intention to serve, intention to love, intention to dissolve the ego and expand the Higher Self who speaks Spirit - who is all knowing, all seeing, and all truth.

Every intuitive card reader has their own style, preference of cards, how they set up their environment prior to the reading, and how they close their sessions. I cannot speak for all practitioners. We each have our own specific approach. The most important factor is that you need to know as a client is a six sensory practitioner should be here to serve

[DISCLAIMER: JMC Services and Jen are not legally responsible for any decisions or actions made before, during, or after an Intuitive Card Reading. If you need any medical or psychological assistance please contact a licensed healthcare professional. Jen takes her sessions seriously, but wants the client to know these are for entertainment only.]

As for my approach, I do my best to be transparent and inform about my capabilities, my services, prices, why someone would seek a session, and what to expect. 

Before a client arrives to a session:

  • I center and ground myself 

  • I clear the space of low vibrations and fill it with high vibrations

  • I create a protective bubbled with the help of my Spirit Guides and Angels

  • I meditate to clear my ego, be present, and become neutral

  • I do a self-healing - if needed - to balance and strengthen for the day

  • I do a general invocation or prayer to set a positive intention to be of service to Mother Earth and all the residents on this planet including mankind

The goal is to be a channel, a messenger for those who seek answers and healing. My intent is to bring harmony, peace, enlightenment, and empowerment for those who are ready for a change.

The healing starts with the client, not the practitioner.

And part of the healing process is to be aware, take action, and seek a practitioner who aligns with your values. There are six sensory practitioners for everyone. It is a team effort, not a one way relationship.

Listed below are a few intuitive techniques that are used during my intuitive (and holistic healing) sessions. 

Guide to Guide Reading

Everyone has a team of Spirit Guides. Each has their own tasks, abilities, knowledge, and assignment. Some will stay for an individual’s lifetime, some will carry out a specific task, and others will stay for a particular phase. The most important Guide is your Higher Self; Authentic Self; Essential Self; Spiritual Self who is the embodiment of your true self. They hold the massive “library” of your past lives, knowledge and experiences. They are also your bridge to Spirit, the translator, so to speak. Everyone has intuitive ability but not all seek the six sensory lifestyle. 

A practitioner is very familiar with their Higher Self. This technique allows the client’s Higher Self and the practitioner’s to hold space and provide the vital messages one needs to hear. 

Psychic Reading

This relies on first impressions. It looks at the individual on a deep level, typically with regard to present time. Some topics include but not limited to: 

  • Who is the client on a Spiritual level?

  • How is their Heart?

  • What troubles them?

  • What’s wounded?

  • What’s healed?

  • What stage of life are they in?

  • What kind of wisdom do they carry?

  • What’s their world view?

  • What’s their heart’s desire?

Soul Issue and Healing 

This approach is also called Shadow Work. This focuses on issues a client tends to ignore or deny. It explores the hidden issues in their life and is only offered for those who are ready to explore on a deep soul level. 

Some topics include:

  • What’s really happening?

  • What does this soul need?

  • What is changing? What needs to “die” or come apart and what needs to be “born?"

  • What information/practice can bring importance for them here and now?

Gazing - Past Life Reading

Past life work can be eye opening for the client. There could be an embedded pattern from a past life or lives that may be interfering  with a soul’s happiness. 

On the other hand, a past life could bring knowledge and experience to benefit here and now. This kind of reading can be very enlightening and explain certain familiar patterns, unexplained phobias, and core trauma.

Ancestral Reading

What we say, think, and do affects our family; past, present, and future. The negative past actions of others can truly impact a current situation because energy is made up of everything. Our memories get stored in our DNA, our habits and beliefs carry on to the next generation, and that could bring healing or harm depending what we pass down. 

Becoming aware of certain holding patterns, traumas, and beliefs can drastically change and mend negative ancestral patterns. 

Perceptual State - Chakra Reading

Chakras, or what I also refer to as power centers, reflect (conscious and unconscious) memories. There are seven major power centers vertically centered along the body starting from the Root chakra (base of the spine) all the up to the crown (above the head). To the sensitive eye, each major chakra should be a swirling vortex, with its corresponding color, and themes. For example:

Root chakra

This vortex should be a vibrate red and it signifies if the person is grounded, has their basic needs met (food, water, shelter). In addition, does the client feels safe. This chakra is the center of where self-esteem, integrity, and sense of belonging is cultivated.

Notice, not all techniques involve tarot or oracle card decks. Card decks are mere tools. The power lies within the practitioner’s intuitive abilities, highest intentions, and connection (as well as respect) with Spirit. 



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