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Dr. Kimmie Chernichky - A Podcast Interview Episode #1

Updated: May 17, 2022

A couple of years ago Kimmie reached out to meet up for coffee. We sat down for coffee at Barnes & Noble and got to know each other. I remember how sweet, genuine, and caring she was during our conversation. I could feel how much she loves her job, clients, and family life.

Fast forward, we worked together with Huddle Up Moms, a fairly new local nonprofit dedicated to support, connect and empower women and their families in the southwest region of Virginia. Last Fall, I was fortunate to sit down with Kimmie and interview her about her first birth story and work life.

[DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed by individuals in the following article or podcast program do not necessarily reflect those of Jen Marie Cliff, JMC Healing & Wellness Academy, or its affiliates. Jen and JMC Healing and Wellness Academy are not responsible for the decisions and actions related to medical information or advice. Please seek a medically licensed professional if you have any medical concerns or medical conditions. Copyright Reiki Pathways, LLC.]


At the time of the interview, Kimmie was raising a toddler and expecting a second on the way. She summarized her first birth as, “uneventful.” In the end, her blood pressure was borderline high but she knew it was due to stressor factors. She and her husband run a small family-owned chiropractic business in the Botetourt area, near Roanoke Valley. Kimmie’s midwife sat her down and highly recommend she stop working. Admittedly, she was relieved, “We don’t need permission to do anything...” but it was what she needed to hear. She now had time to focus on caring for herself and preparing for the baby to come...which didn’t take long...

The Next Day

Kimmie and her husband planned to have a home birth, but it was accidentally medically unassisted. The funniest part was, she thought her first birth would take forever so she sent her husband off to the movies! He wasn’t there until the last 10 minutes!!

The Upside To Being Alone

Now, she didn’t recommend this but she pointed out from her perspective, being alone was a positive experience. She also set herself up for success:


  • Affirmations were all over the room “Down and Out”

    • In other words, she synced into the contractions and let them do their job

  • Being alone allowed her to vocalize without inhibition

  • Naturally moving in ways that the body needed to do

  • Instinctively move for the baby to pass through the pelvis

  • REST

The number one priority was rest. As a Prenatal Chiropractic Practitioner, she was familiar with other women being transported to the hospital from a homebirth due to exhaustion.

Signs To Call A Midwife

Kimmie’s midwife gave her two main signs/symptoms to look for during labor:

  • When her water broke

  • Or when she couldn’t sleep between contractions

Her water never broke, rather it was gushing small amounts of water during contractions. Which is why she waited to call the midwife.

Why Every Mom Should Have A Midwife

  • Midwife; best support person

    • Post-birth saved in money (transfer fee) because they were unsure about the blood loss

    • Exceptional postpartum care standard protocol - unless compilation or c-section

    • Follow up: 24 hours, 48, 1/2/4/6 weeks for mom and baby

  • Immediate skin to skincare and latched within the first hour; not magical; the learning curve

  • Postpartum; midwife; bleeding started when she started to shower, take care of mom

  • Lactation support is crucial

    • Seek free services; ask!! - for mom and support person; be at the appointment; pick the right person not just because they're offering; uplift and cheerleaders

    • Day 3-4 was exhausted; healing & hormones

    • The pain of birth has an endpoint, but breastfeeding is a whole new challenge for a year

  • Don’t be a people pleasure

  • Pregnancy status

    • Does not tell the due date to lessen the questions and unwanted advice unless its the midwife/need to know

    • Mental health and labor

    • Not have to have that conversation

Kimmie’s number one advice:

“Don’t be a people pleasure.”

At the end of the day, it’s your body and it’s your pregnancy. Don’t do something you instinctively know it’s not what’s best for you or the baby. You take charge but ask for help when the time is right.


  • Help support through the journey of preconception to motherhood

  • Pediatric and prenatal chiropractor

    • Taking care of mom; the foundation is set with the mom

    • Pediatric

    • Different than adult adjustment

    • Joint; not fully developed

    • No damage/misalignment/chronic issues - less of a challenge for adjustment

      • Infants; super gentle

      • Children; nervous system/spine; neurologic base

    • S/S to come in for a checkup

      • All children get checked 90% of babies have a misalignment

      • Pressure: Birth and spine on baby 60-90 lbs normal vaginal birth; if complicated that increases

      • Common:

        • Constipation; breastfeeding challenges, reflex

        • older kids: sleep issues

  • Bump to bundle - naturally minded


  • Set up your pregnancy and postpartum for success and support

  • Every pregnancy is different; woman to woman; pregnancy to pregnancy

  • The fear of pregnancy and advice

  • Not everyone is meant to have a home birth; high-risk birth

    • Observe the signs; like premature labor

    • No shame; what works best; safety is the priority


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