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The WellNest - A Podcast Interview Episode #2

Updated: May 17, 2022

When Valarie Angle and I had a coffee date last Spring in 2020, we hit it off immediately. We were soul sisters finding one another at the perfect time when the world was starting to get more chaotic during the pandemic. As she described her WellNest vision it was so close to what I always wanted to create here in Roanoke. That I couldn't say 'no' and was I the first collaborator to signup, months before she moved into a building because I believed so much in her vision.

[DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed by individuals in the following program do not necessarily reflect those of Jen Marie Cliff and JMC Healing & Wellness Academy or its affiliates. Copyright Reiki Pathways, LLC.]


Everything is meant to happen for a reason. And I believe Valarie was meant to lead the charge to awaken the Roanoke Valley:

  • Administration degree and years of experience

  • Has had her own awakening from religion to spirituality

  • A resilient single mom experiencing two major breakups

  • Has been a resident in the Roanoke area for several years

  • Implements a daily wellness routine

  • Has years of retail experience and knows downtown Roanoke intimately

  • Her significant other, Jonathan, also is well connected to other local businesses and residents through his job as a downtown delivery driver

  • Mostly, importantly, they both lead heart-centered lives

Together, they are destined to spread wellness with a unique and courageous business model which centers around collaboration (not competition).


Valarie was a former educational administrator. She experienced many frustrations with being a single mom while working within a system that was, in her experience, failing children and families. Angle became an educator in order to nurture people and help them to find their inspiration. After years of systemic changes, her hands became tied and she knew her time there was up. Angle followed her heart and her interest in holism to study spirituality, the law of attraction, and health. Ultimately she decided to become certified in Holistic Life Coaching.

From there, she began collaborating with like-minded people in her community to spread wellness and contribute to the growth of global consciousness became her mission. Her significant other, Jonathan, and her decision to open The WellNest Roanoke in March of 2020 so that we could organically build a community in Roanoke around wellness.

Right now, they’re working with practitioners to give them space and opportunity to serve their community with their gifts and talents. They supplement that with their membership and investment model, as well as a meditation room and a retail store that enhances and supports a wellness lifestyle.

Their next step is to build that out into a larger hub for individual practitioner offices, a movement studio, and a healthful cafe.


Valarie and her partner, Jonathan, wanted to bring something special to Roanoke that centered around wellness and collaboration.

When they entered a local competition, called The Gauntlet, things started to align. Their idea gradually became a business plan, which then implemented into Phase 1: The Retail Shop located on 16 West Church Ave, downtown Roanoke, Virginia.

This past month, she opened the movement studio which houses numerous local events including workshops, studio classes, private group gatherings, and more! Visit the website to learn more about upcoming events.


Click here to listen now.

To learn more: Website: Membership: Invest: Facebook: Instagram: Mission/Purpose: To connect, engage, and expand the wellness community in Roanoke and beyond.

Location: 16 Church Ave SW, Roanoke, VA

Contact Info: 540-630-1887



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